The North American School of Outdoor Writing
#2009 – 135 Brinkworthy Place
Salt Spring Island
British Columbia, V8K 1S2
Tel (250) 537-4713

North American School of Outdoor Writing

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Enrollment & Refund Policy

The North American School of Outdoor Writing is recognized by Outdoor Writers of America and Outdoor Writers of Canada. Students may qualify for the Outdoor Writers of American Scholarship program and are eligible for Student Membership in both organizations at a much-reduced price.

Raccoon illustration for article. “Where Animals Sleep” in Discover Magazine.
Photo by R. Brunt

A student is enrolled in the North American School of Outdoor Writing once they receive a copy of their Enrollment Application signed and dated by the Registrar of the School

1. Written notice must be provided by:

(a) a student to the institution when the student withdraws and:
(b) the institution to the student when the institution dismisses a student

Refunds Before the program of Study Starts

2. If written notice of withdrawal is received before the program of study starts, the institution must return all funds except an administration fee of 10% of funds due under the contract, to a maximum of $100.

Refunds After the Program of Study Starts

3. All uncashed cheques, if payment made by post dated cheques, returned to student on notification of withdrawal. If payment in full was made at time of application, each month is calculated as if a cheque for $111 had been cashed and subtracted from refund amount.

Refunds In Case An Institution Closes

4. When an institution closes, voluntary or otherwise, before the program of study is delivered, student fees will be refunded.

Refunds in cases of Change in Program Content, Scheduling or Location

5. (1) If an institution changes the start date or location of study after a entering into a contract with the student, or significantly alters either the program of study’s content or scheduling, refund of all or part of paid student fees may be granted.

5. (2) Refunds must be paid by the institution within thirty (30) days of receiving notice of withdrawal by the student.

Refunds in Cases Where a Student Does Not Complete Their Lessons

6. If a student does not complete 30% of the course within one year, or contact the school for a period of one year, they will not be entitled to a refund after that date.


A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice!

Greetings Roger,

A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice! Your school opened an entire new venue for me in 2017.

North American School of Outdoor Writing is so mush more then just improving ones writing skills. While…

Wanted to take the time to thank you.

Hi Roger,

I wanted to drop you a line this morning – since I am near your neck of the woods – with some very, very exciting news.

Since taking your course several years ago now, I have spent a lot of time exploring different outdoor …

Wow! Great Course

To Roger Brunt,
North American School of Outdoor Writing
Jan. 2014

Your outdoor writing course was by far one of the best things I have ever done. From a financial standpoint the course info said students could earn their tuitio…

David O’F arrell
Tagish, Yukon