The North American School of Outdoor Writing
#2009 – 135 Brinkworthy Place
Salt Spring Island
British Columbia, V8K 1S2
Tel (250) 537-4713

North American School of Outdoor Writing

How To Be An Outdoor Writer

Earn While You Learn

Comments for Editors and Writers

What outdoor writers and editors have to say about the North American School of Outdoor Writing:
Roger Brunt is a skilled writer and an excellent teacher…he has packaged a lifetime of talent and outdoor writing into twelve crafted lessons that can help lead any new writer into a new profession.Rikk Taylor
Rikk Taylor,
Editor and Publisher,
B.C. Sport Fishing Magazine.

Extraordinarily well done. Roger Brunt’s Outdoor Writing course is a most comprehensive and professional educational tool.Mike Crammond
Mike Crammond
Sportsmen’s Book of the Month Club Award Winning Author,
Outdoor Editor, Vancouver Province newspaper for 22 years.

I started reading the lessons and I couldn’t put them down. A really excellent course.Nazz Russo
Nazz Russo,
Top Angler, asked to preview the course.

Your name could go here!

I just received notice that my first outdoor story has been accepted for publication. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am…


A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice!

Greetings Roger,

A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice! Your school opened an entire new venue for me in 2017.

North American School of Outdoor Writing is so mush more then just improving ones writing skills. While…

Wanted to take the time to thank you.

Hi Roger,

I wanted to drop you a line this morning – since I am near your neck of the woods – with some very, very exciting news.

Since taking your course several years ago now, I have spent a lot of time exploring different outdoor …

Wow! Great Course

To Roger Brunt,
North American School of Outdoor Writing
Jan. 2014

Your outdoor writing course was by far one of the best things I have ever done. From a financial standpoint the course info said students could earn their tuitio…

David O’F arrell
Tagish, Yukon