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North American School of Outdoor Writing

How To Be An Outdoor Writer

Earn While You Learn


The North American School of Outdoor Writing is recognized by Outdoor Writers Association of America and Outdoor Writers of Canada. Students may qualify for the Outdoor Writers Association of American Scholarship program.

Cndn. funds for Canadian Students
cost of the course is $999.00
Registration Fee: $99
Tuition Fee: $900.

(US funds) for American Students
cost of the course is $999.00
Registration Fee: $99
Tuition Fee: $900.

Students may finance their lessons by sending nine post-dated cheques and a cheque for $99 for registration.

Corbett Lake Lodge article illustration for B.C. Sportfishing. Photo by R. Brunt

You can pay via paypal if you like using the links below:


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Heres a look at what you will learn in just Lesson One:

You will learn: How to find out directly from the editors of the outdoor press exactly what they need and want from outdoor writers, beginners and old-timers alike, for their upcoming issues. A sample letter requesting this information is included in Lesson One.

You will learn how to properly format your manuscripts so they will be accepted at any magazine or newspaper in North America. A sample manuscript is included with Lesson One showing proper layout.

You will learn about copyright, including what “RIGHTS” you are selling when you offer your writing for sale. A bonus three-page information supplement from Lesson 10 is included with Lesson One that covers this in detail.

You will receive an actual editorial from a top outdoor editor explaining what types of articles sell the best, and why. You will also receive an actual letter from an outdoor publisher operating on the World Wide Web that will introduce you to the rapidly expanding world of writing outdoor stories, and/or becoming a Regional Correspondent from your area, on the Internet. The letter requests stories in virtually every field of outdoor activity–everything from fly fishing to rock climbing, bird watching, hiking and camping and the shooting sports.

As a special bonus, you will immediately be eligible to apply for membership in Outdoor Writers of America, the largest Outdoor Writers’ organization in the world, with more than 2000 members. Every month members will receive OWAA’s 40-plus page publication OUTDOORS UNLIMITED which includes requests from editors and publishers for outdoor stories and photographs, and lists all sorts of job opportunities in the outdoor writing field, writing contests, and news and tips of interest to freelance outdoor writers. Canadian students also qualify to join Outdoor Writers of Canada where they can network with a great many of the top outdoor writers and editors in the country.

Can you honestly think of a better way to invest in your future? I can’t. I know you are interested in the outdoors or you would not have contacted the school. And I know you are interested in getting paid to do the outdoor activities you love so much or you wouldn’t have answered the school’s ad.

Just a few weeks ago, a new student taking Lesson One sold the very first story he had ever written for publication to Readers Digest Magazine. The story was just 12 lines long, very simple and straight-forward, and the student was paid $200 US. That’s more than $10 per line. Of course he was thrilled! It’s sharing that excitement with the school’s many students who have had their outdoor stories published because of what they have been able to learn from their lessons that keeps me as enthusiastic today as I was the day I got the idea for the school.

If this sounds like a wise investment towards your future, drop a cheque or money order, or series of post-dated cheques in the mail and I will do the rest. By return mail you will receive Lesson One containing all the information I have described. If you are thinking that an offer like this doesn’t come along every day, and there must be some gimmick, I will be pleased to provide you with the names and phone numbers of successful graduate students who are very pleased they took this course because, not only did they see their outdoor stories published in their favourite magazines, but most earned more than the cost of the tuition by the time they completed the course! You can also check out the student testamonials in this website.

I know that this is an exceptional offer. I have been a freelance outdoor writer for more than 40 years, with more than 1000 stories, columns and photographs published in magazines and newspapers all over North America, everything from Fur Fish Game to The San Diego Tribune to Outdoor Canada. Everything I have learned in those 40 years is included in this comprehensive course on Outdoor Writing, the only one of its kind in the world.

I welcome your letters, emails and phone calls. If you call the school’s voice mail at 250-537-4713, I will return your call as soon as possible as I am often away from my office, either on a writing assignment, or simply enjoying the Great Outdoors, just like you.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Roger M. Brunt,


A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice!

Greetings Roger,

A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice! Your school opened an entire new venue for me in 2017.

North American School of Outdoor Writing is so mush more then just improving ones writing skills. While…

Wanted to take the time to thank you.

Hi Roger,

I wanted to drop you a line this morning – since I am near your neck of the woods – with some very, very exciting news.

Since taking your course several years ago now, I have spent a lot of time exploring different outdoor …

Wow! Great Course

To Roger Brunt,
North American School of Outdoor Writing
Jan. 2014

Your outdoor writing course was by far one of the best things I have ever done. From a financial standpoint the course info said students could earn their tuitio…

David O’F arrell
Tagish, Yukon