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North American School of Outdoor Writing

How To Be An Outdoor Writer

Earn While You Learn

Course Overview

Samantha Brunt with a lamb. Photo by R. Brunt

No experience necessary!

Just a great love of the outdoors, a strong desire to share your outdoor experiences and thoughts with your fellow outdoorsmen, and a willingness to learn. That’s all you need to get started on an exciting career as an outdoor writer.

Sound too good to be true? – It is true!

You can earn an independent income living and working in the outdoors.
You can get paid to go fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, photographing and exploring the great outdoors.
You can get paid to go ON ASSIGNMENT to top lodges and resorts that others are paying thousands of dollars to visit.
You can earn the cost of your tuition simply by completing the writing assignments that accompany the lessons in this course.
The North American School of Outdoor Writing is the only school of its kind in the world. This course is designed to teach you to write, AND SELL WHAT YOU WRITE, for the outdoor marketplace. This tight focus enables you to precisely zero in on specific markets.

Your course will teach you:

How you can join your choice of North America’s 29 Outdoor Writing Organizations.

Where you can find detailed information on North America’s top paying 250 outdoor publications.

How you can be updated monthly of dozens of specific requests from North America’s outdoor editors.

How you can make money writing about the outdoors on the Internet. How you can get paid writing for foreign publications. How you can get paid each time someone photocopies an article you have written anywhere in North America.

You will learn:

How to discover what sells, and why.

How to determine exactly what outdoor editors need and want.

How to correctly format your documents and build your stories.

How to interview fishing and hunting guides, and outdoor personalities.

How to get assignments to top lodges and resorts.

How to qualify for major discounts on outdoor equipment and supplies.

How to become eligible to field-test and write about the latest outdoor equipment.

You will learn:

About conducting slide shows, scripting outdoor videos, writing brochures, newsletters, press releases and promotional material.

About hosting your own outdoor radio or television show.

About outdoor photography.

About writing and publishing outdoor books.

You will receive:

Precise in-depth information on writing Tips and Reports, How-to and Where-to-go articles, Outdoor Columns, Shop Features, Personality Profiles, Adventure-Destination Assignments, Outdoor Humour, Documentary and Environmental Articles, Travel and Mood pieces.

You will, by the very nature of your work, become an outdoor celebrity. The course is written in straight-forward, easy-to-understand language. By the time you have completed the first few writing assignments you will be getting paid for your stories. The amount of writing you will be able to sell, once you become proficient at your craft, is unlimited. Outdoor articles are not restricted to the outdoor press and, even if they were, there are thousands of markets available.

Your schedule:

A diligent student working steadily at these lessons and assignments should be able to complete this course in approximately 12 to 18 months. This course consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by a Lesson Assignment, Quiz, Writing Assignment and a Lesson Supplement containing valuable information about the world of professional outdoor writing. Each lesson and quiz will take approximately two hours. Writing Assignments will vary from student to student and may take from a few hours to several days of work.

The course is designed so that if you don’t hear back from an editor, or complete a lesson or writing assignment, it will not interfere with receiving your next lesson. As you receive each lesson, the quiz can be completed and mailed or sent via e-mail back for marking regardless of your progress with the assignments. Your quiz will be marked and returned to you within a few days. INCLUDED WITH THE MARKED QUIZ WILL BE YOUR NEXT LESSON AND ASSIGNMENT. This schedule stays in place until the entire course is completed.


A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice!

Greetings Roger,

A simple “thank you” does not do your course justice! Your school opened an entire new venue for me in 2017.

North American School of Outdoor Writing is so mush more then just improving ones writing skills. While…

Wanted to take the time to thank you.

Hi Roger,

I wanted to drop you a line this morning – since I am near your neck of the woods – with some very, very exciting news.

Since taking your course several years ago now, I have spent a lot of time exploring different outdoor …

Wow! Great Course

To Roger Brunt,
North American School of Outdoor Writing
Jan. 2014

Your outdoor writing course was by far one of the best things I have ever done. From a financial standpoint the course info said students could earn their tuitio…

David O’F arrell
Tagish, Yukon