Comments for Editors and Writers

What outdoor writers and editors have to say about the North American School of Outdoor Writing:

Roger Brunt is a skilled writer and an excellent teacher…he has packaged a lifetime of talent and outdoor writing into twelve crafted lessons that can help lead any new writer into a new profession.Rikk Taylor
Rikk Taylor,
Editor and Publisher,
B.C. Sport Fishing Magazine.

Extraordinarily well done. Roger Brunt’s Outdoor Writing course is a most comprehensive and professional educational tool.Mike Crammond
Mike Crammond
Sportsmen’s Book of the Month Club Award Winning Author,
Outdoor Editor, Vancouver Province newspaper for 22 years.

I started reading the lessons and I couldn’t put them down. A really excellent course.Nazz Russo
Nazz Russo,
Top Angler, asked to preview the course.

Your name could go here!
I just received notice that my first outdoor story has been accepted for publication. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am…