Your Instructor
Roger Brunt, Founder
You will receive individual, personalized instruction from Roger M. Brunt, founder of The North American School of Outdoor Writing. Mr. Brunt is an award- winning outdoor writer with hundreds of articles and columns published in North American magazines and newspapers. A member of Outdoor Writers of America, Outdoor Writers of Canada, and Northwest Outdoor Writers, he has been an award winning freelance writer for 30 years.

Mr. Brunt will personally guide you through your lessons, mark each Lesson Quiz, and edit and comment on your Writing Assignments.

And when your outdoor writing is accepted for publication, Mr. Brunt will join you in celebrating a great achievement, for at that point you will be embarking on a grand adventure that has the power not only to change your life forever, but to influence the lives of those who read what you have written.

Mr. Brunt, and The North American School of Outdoor Writing, sincerely invite you to begin this grand adventure by signing up now!